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Friday, 24 April 2009

Some more bits for the merida

Ordered some Cane creek Ergogrips for the merida last week. Had a package arrive today

From Drop Box

Inside. Going to give them a punt on the bike , pretty comfy in the in the hand test ! Plus carbon Plus lighter than ergogrips.

Possibly all in futility as im an avid user of Ergon Grips but they weigh a metric tonne so trying some other options first !

Also fitted a thomson elite (black) seat pin to the bike as i needed a little extra length over the stock FSA (250mm). The thomson lets me get the seat up into the correct position while retaining the full recomended distance into the frame.

Lost the 20mm layback that the FSA had but this has brought my weight forward which i thought i needed having given it a propper ride !

SXC round 2 this sunday at aberfoyle for us. Me , Mark , Neil and Mike heading down on sunday morning. Looking forward to trying out expert. No high hopes. Aiming to finish hoping not to get lapped !

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