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Tuesday, 3 June 2008

ABC midweek league round 4

after missing round 3 which was an MTB race in glamis I had to put in a good result here on a 14 mile hilly time trial over carrot hill and wellbank climbs

Felt a bit lack lustre all day and spent the day for the most part in bed watching movies rising only to eat, having a had a hectic week or two running up to my only day off for some time so i used it for recovery rather than another beasting.

Once i got going on the bike i seemed to fall into the zone and i was able to utilise all my cardio fitness with my legs not going stiff like they usually do when i exert hard. Just kept pushing hard all the way round , caught my 2 min man then my 3 min man and my 4 min man then my minute man. With Euan in hot pursuit i just sprinted the whole finish straight as hard and as fast as i could and finished within second of throwing up i reckon.

came first in the end euan was having an off day , worked in the rain all day probably hadnt helped him.

Round 4: Hilly 14mile TT
Date: 3 June 2008

Position Name Time Points
1 Terry Davidson 0:38:10 30
2 Colin Nicol 0:39:33 28
3 Euan Ritchie 0:39:39 26
4 Hamish Lean 0:41:42 24
5 John Dougherty 0:44:23 22
6 Scott Davidson 0:44:50 20

off to fort william to work at the world cup tomorrow night , after doing a 5k/20k run bike duathlon at monikie and using the second half of tonights course

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