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Sunday, 2 March 2008

home tomorrow !

not looking forward to leaving , it was hard leaving matt and debbie in invercargill , but going to be hard to leave fiona and ally and the kids in cambridge tomorrow , flying outa auckland at 1800 tomorrow (monday) night , auckland-brisbane-singapour-dubai-glasgow-glasgow central-arbroath

ive seen 10 airports , flown in 6 different types of plane , driven 4 different cars , been on 4 different boats , and 1 bike !

it really has been the trip of a lifetime and a big thanks to all at no fuss , all at sport southland , Matt sillars and debbie rankin ,dave and nikki brookland fiona and ally ferrier

i dont wanna come home !

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Richard said...

You need to come home, you've got an entry for Mountain Mayhem.