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Saturday, 29 March 2008

hit the ground running

i really havnt had time to think since i got back from nz , nor the motivation/drive to train

not 100% sure what it is , but everytime i set aside time to train i feel crap by the time it gets round to the time to train and i cant force my self over the threshold ive never experianced anything like it before.

i think i might have rushed back into racing too soon after returning from nz with doing the busas at cwmcarn the weekend after flying into the uk on the wednesday , it hurt , it didnt go well and i felt shit after it

since then ive just not been able to get back into my rhythum , theres been no riding to uni , no 250k+ a week ...just a single century on my road bike and a couple 30 k rides in just under 4 weeks thats just not me

uni work has also been a bit hectic what with honours presentations and exams and courseworks , ive not been getting good sleep due to this , eg was up for something like 32 hours on thursday gettting coursework done and handed in for friday.

ive decided to take a back seat in any races i do just now for the next couple months and just do them for the fun of it and go back to base milage for the time being to not stress my already stressed head and mind about racing , after all it is just racing its not life , these exams are life they are the future , i cant(read as im not good enough) race for ever

never know might manage to pull my self around for mayhem , if not ill be sorted for dusk till dawn

in the meantime ive entered the SXC at laggan next weekend as ive been trying to encourage a friend to race and i cant very well make a friend race and not do it my self and i also have the final round of the glamis winter xc series this sunday where i shall suffer , mike w is 23 points clear of me thanks to nz ...but i know where id rather be than glamis ...

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