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Saturday, 9 February 2008

It feels like theres a rave in my head and your all invited

went out for a cheeky ride after uni last night ...

left in high spirits from arbroath at 5.20pm , got to forfar , had a chip buttie and made my way to mikes house for the 7pm ride

rode out , felt good , powering up a climb and a stick got stuck in my mech and broke the tab that stops the mech rotating , busted XTR mech but still ridable ... bit further on another stick jams the mech into the spokes ! , toys , dummy , blanket et all thrown right out the pram.... got it going , finished ride , riding on thin ice, rode home , 25k and got within 1k of home and the mech completely demolished its self as per photos ! resulting in a walk for the last K got home at 11.45pm

Ride totalled 84.4k at an ave of 18.6kph half on road and half off road, ave HR was 143bpm and max was 198bpm

New XTR shadow ordered to replace it ! and my new met veleno arrived today much comfier than my old absalon replica , gone for plain white this time as my girlfriend spots me in races by red top/white helmet best not confuse her now

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