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Friday, 22 February 2008

Greetings from new zealand

sat here at 6pm in the invercargil tuatana lodge hostel in the internet cafe in 20degree heat ! its great weather , we are staying with some great people , debbie and matt who have been so welcoming and sorted out loads for us to do

to day met up with the guys from sport southland and got a shot on an indoor velodrome , boy those things are steep !

had dinner with matt and debbie and dave and nicci (the couple who came to 10 under the ben) which was good putting faces to names.

been out to riverton and rode the local trails at sandy point , things dont seem as technical orientated over here , even from the riders at the local shop things seem alot more tame than the trails im used to but i dont care the weather is better and the people are really friendly

im rocking a giant trance 1 with the softest forks in the world but still i dont care !

jaynes on an avanti agressor , with her first decent suspension forks , some vanila RLCS compared to the mxcomps shes used to shes happy . although they gave her a mens saddle ...we sorted that this morning

the flights over were hell , loads of sitting about , i think i watched nearly every good movie on the entertainment system , i couldnt sleep , got 3 hours sleep in the best hotel ive ever been in in dubai , with the nicest breakfast of fresh fruit pancakes , croissonts and other things like that first time ive ever had a three course breakfast !

having a great time guys you really need to get out here at some point ! race is tomorrow , will update when i can with results , but i have to go to tea with the guys from sport southland and meet up with richard pascoe who ive still not met yet !

off to have more fun !

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