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Monday, 2 July 2007

First post

basically what i intend to do use this site not only to direct interested parties to as a display of what i have achieved over time but also as a record for my self of what ive got up to. its hard enough remembering what i ate for tea last night !

first up would be a brief summary of whats happened so far

from the years of 2000 - 2006 i spent my time riding downhill mountain bikes with no great sucess (no real failure either) consistantly top 20 in youth/junior then top half of the pack in senior.

I then became a member of the self preservation society ,

whilst at uni i detected a little weight going on with constant drinking throughout first year.

one of the benifits of the university mountain bike club was that it was piggy backed onto the Triathlon club. So during the winter of 2006 i "got fit" by training for triathlon

it was during this winter that i a) gained a road bike and b) an XC mtb . I also got roped into my first 24 hour race. january 15th 2006 subzero conditions and frozen ground at strathpeffer scotland as a team of 4 we put in a solid 8th place on a random assortment of bikes begged stolen or borrowed ... my bike was a 15 inch frame id borrowed off a team mate as mines hadnt arrived yet , (im 6 foot 3 ! )

after that race i kinda thought you know those guys doing that solo , they must be super fit i fancy giving that a crack

i spent last year bumbling about doing some races but generally just riding as much as i could discovering new places

a couple of things i deem worth mentioning are

1) my ride to fort william

its 140 miles from my house to fort william , as a pub induced bet i claimed to beat the local bus to fort william, it takes 10.5 hours . Aboard my giant OCR2 loaded up with panniers with my weekends camping gear i rode to the 2006 world cup in 10 hours 15 minutes

2) 24/12 , we entered an ill prepared team in the 24 hour 4 man team event and the holes showed , basically 2 members of our team got shipped to iraq to fight for the country , leaving us to find some new members . at a weeks notice 2 collegues of mine from the bike shop stepped in and we "entered" finished dead center of the field which wasnt bad since we left the race site at 8am due to 2 fatigued bodys and 2 fatigued drive trains

3) the week after 24/12 i did the selkirk 100k marathon which was nice

4) relentless 24 hour race . ME and gordo from uni tried to do a pairs attempt at the race and came nearly last due to going at it to hard and to fast from the start doing 45 min laps and basically falling flat on our faces in the night , lessons were learnt

its now 2007 ive still not done that triathlon i planned to do but

ive logged 4 figure milage in the first 6 months of the year
ive finished 10 under the ben in 18th place/122 on a singlespeed MTB

the rest of my intentions for the year are

10 under kirroughtree
10 under moray
selkirk merida 100k
loch ness 360
singlespeed world champs
Raasay rumble

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Dave Brookland said...

Hey congrats just found out you won the trip to come over here to NZ in February '08. My wife & I were at the 10 Under race as a result of winning the trip at the Moonshine Trail race. We had an awesome time.

If you need any help or ideas then drop me a line at mtb@fab1.co.nz


Dave Brookland